Triple solid

Triple Solid – Help Startup Companies and SMBs

Provide engineering solutions for hardware and data related product/project. Solve your engineering problems. 

Engineering Consulting

We provide engineering advice and help to design your products and ideas. It covers both hardware and software.

Here is the regular process:

Sign an NDA and discover different technologies for the product/project.

Develop suitable solutions based on the stage of the product/project.

Bring in all the resources and tools which may be needed.

Set up the structure and move the product/project faster.


Mission & Vision

Consulting Solutions for Startup Companies and SMBs

Our mission is to help startup companies and teams with providing hardware, software, and supply chain/procurement solution.


What Can We Do For You?

Build the MVP

Find the best solution for your MVP. It should be something quicker and smarter.

Manufacturing and Production

Make sure you follow all the standards and consider the restrictions for future productions. Get the right fits for different stages of your product.

Quality Assurance

We would like to make sure you can deliver the qualified product. There are tools, processes, structures and technics that can be used.

Project/Product Management

Guide your own team or outsourcing team to the right direction and way to get your product/project done.

Engineering Solution

Solve your engineering problems. Improve the quality of your products/projects.


I was able to use your advice and cut my manufacturing costs by 200%.



We really appreciate your work – Eli and I feel like we’ve made more progress this year working with you than we have in the past 3 years that we had the business.




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Get Started

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

We can help to build your MVP faster,  itterate your existing ideas and product, and get sufficient production plan for scaling up.