Powerful SMB Consulting

Triple Solid – Helping startups and SMBs enter hyper-growth is what we do.

Let’s Take A Collaborative Approach

Agile, resilient, and intelligent solutions start with taking a collaborative approach. From product iteration with leading industry expert engineers, to matching your business with manufacturers ready to produce your products, and even expert project management consulting. Let’s talk about how we can help you enter the coveted hyper-growth phase through SMB consulting.

Engineering Consulting

We help startups and SMBs go to market with leading hardware and software products designed to dominate your space. Captivate your market by shocking the world.

Supply Chain/Procurement Management

Finding qualified manufacturers and suppliers is only the first battle. We will also let you know how global trade is impacting your business so you can overcome it.

Projects Management

We suggest the structures and tools for your project.  Your business will only be as profitable as your systems and processes allow. Let our industry experts show you how to break down large projects into small step by step action plans that will take you from A to Z.

Mission & Vision

Consulting Solutions for Startup Companies and SMBs

Our mission is to help startup companies and teams.  Built  on  a  foundation  of  industry  experts  in  the  fields  of  engineering,  project  management,  and supply  chain/procurement makes  us  a  triple  threat.

Here’s How It Works: You want results. Here’s how it begins!


It all starts by listening to what’s worked and hasn’t worked for you in the past. By taking a collaborative approach, we work with your leadership to identify a plan to reach your goals.


Here’s where your dedicated industry-expert will help you identify specific areas for growth. By clearly mapping out your process and systems, we will agree on a plan of action designed for success.


Kick starting hyper-growth starts with an agile, quality assured implementation where results become visible and revenue becomes tangible. Helping you stay agile is what we do best.


Tracking your progress gives you insight to how well your changes are paying off. You will always have real time access to see exactly what and how our industry experts are making a difference on your bottom line.


I was able to use your advice and cut my manufacturing costs by 200%.



We really appreciate your work – Eli and I feel like we’ve made more progress this year working with you than we have in the past 3 years that we had the business.




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Get Started

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

We can help to build your MVP faster,  itterate your existing ideas and product, and get sufficient production plan for scaling up.