Triple Solid

We are Helping Startup Companies!

Iterate Your Products/Ideas with Engineering (Hardware and Software) Advice

​Connect with Manufacturers for Your Products​

Build a Stronger Team with Leadership Support


Quality Assurance

Make sure to deliver qualified products/projects

Project Management

Track the project and confirm the work.

Extra Advice

Connect you to the right person or group if you have other requests

Triple Solid Services

Engineering Consulting

We provide engineering advice and help to design your products and ideas. It covers both hardware and software.

Supply Chain/Procurement Solution

We help you to find qualified manufactures and components to make your products. Whatever you want, please let us have a try.

Leadership Consulting

Let us help you to build up a stronger team. For startup team, you need to find people with growth mindset and find your specific leadership style.

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Our Story

Our mission is to help startup companies and teams with providing engineering consulting, supply chain/procurement solution and leadership consulting.