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Iterate Your Products/Ideas with Engineering (Hardware and Software) Advice

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Quality Assurance

Make sure to deliver qualified products/projects

Project Management

Track the project and confirm the work.

Extra Advice

Connect you to the right person or group if you have other requests.


Triple Solid Services

Engineering Consulting

We help startups and SMBs go to market with leading hardware and software products designed to dominate your space. Captivate your market by shocking the world.

Supply Chain/Procurement

Supply Chain/Procurement Solution

Finding qualified manufacturers and suppliers is only the first battle. We will also let you know how global trade is impacting your business so you can overcome it.

Project Management

Project Management

We suggest the structures and tools for your project. Your business will only be as profitable as your systems and processes allow. Let our industry experts show you how to break down large projects into small step by step action plans that will take you from A to Z.

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Exceeding expectations is how your business will grow to new heights.

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Our mission is to help startup companies and teams with providing hardware, software, and supply chain/procurement solution.