No matter hardware or software product/project, there are something in common we need to take care of.



For startup companies, it is better to get a simple technical document at early stage. It will be helpful for future reference. Or it takes more time for new employees to catch. Making sure everyone on the same page is important.



There are so many tools in the market. Some teams only use Excel and it works perfectly. I like Jira better for technical project management. Not matter which tool you choose, double check with the team and see if the team like it and would move forward with it.



Project management for startup is different from that for big company. Some team members have to wear many hats at the same time. It is better to get the right priority and be flexible.


Consulting or not?

Team diversity will provide advice from different points of views. It may be hard for startup to hire a lot of full-time employees, consultants and internships will be helpful.

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