I was able to use your advice and cut my manufacturing costs by 200%.

We really appreciate your work – Eli and I feel like we’ve made more progress this year working with you than we have in the past 3 years that we had the business.

You did an excellent job! Our MVP is done faster than expected. Thanks for your extra supports on UX.

Supply Chain/Procurement Management

Sign an NDA and provide basic plan/advice based on client’s requests.

Find different resources/manufacturers and get feedbacks/quotes.

Refine the designs/requests with client.

Get samples/phototypes.

Approve the samples/phototypes and place the order.

Quality control and make sure the order will be delivered on time.

Engineering Consulting

Sign an NDA and discover different technologies for the product/project.

Develop suitable solutions based on the stage of the product/project.

Bring in all the resources and tools which may be needed.

Set up the structure and move the product/project faster.

Project Management

Sign an NDA and decide a project management tool to use.

Break down the work/project into different stories and tasks.

Schedule the sprint work.

Regular meetings and communications.

Write technical documents and make sure there are enough comments for future developments/modifications.

Free 30 Minutes Consulting

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