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Triple Solid Services

We help startup companies and SMBs grow faster by supply chain/procurement optimization, solving engineering problems, setting up technical project management.

Why Switched to Triple Solid

Triple solid creates more options, brings all the resources in, breaks down the problems and tasks, and gives valuable advice and solutions.

Instant Results

Triple Solid helps to save more money, move faster, solve problems, and plan for the future.

I was able to use your advice and cut my manufacturing costs by 200%.


Founder, Startup Company A

We really appreciate your work – Eli and I feel like we’ve made more progress this year working with you than we have in the past 3 years that we had the business.


Co-founder, Company B

You did an excellent job! Our MVP is done faster than expected. Thanks for your extra supports on UX.


Founder, Startup Company C

Supply Chain/Procurement

Sign an NDA and provide basic plan/advice based on client’s requests.

Find different resources/manufacturers and get feedbacks/quotes.

Refine the designs/requests with client.

Get samples/phototypes.

Approve the samples/phototypes and place the order.

Quality control and make sure the order will be delivered on time.

Engineering Consulting

Sign an NDA and discover different technologies for the product/project.

Develop suitable solutions based on the stage of the product/project.

Bring in all the resources and tools which may be needed.

Set up the structure and move the product/project faster.

Technical Project Management

Sign an NDA and decide a project management tool to use.

Break down the work/project into different stories and tasks.

Schedule the sprint work.

Regular meetings and communications.

Write technical documents and make sure there are enough comments for future developments/modifications.

The Results

We can help with both short-term and long-term solutions. Planning ahead saves a lot time for the future.


Save Money


Increase IN Speed

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