As a startup company or small business, how to get cost-effective and sufficient technical solutions?

If you are a founder who needs help with website or app design, there are some no-code solutions.

Wix, WordPress and Shopify may be helpful for your website design. Wix is easy to use and there are some plugins you can use to get extra functions as well. WordPress has a lot of resources to use. Shopify is easier for e-commerce. Bubble can be used for you app development.

You could find a freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork easily to work on your website. Mechanical design can be done from Cad Crowd easily.


For any specific technical problem, how to find a solution then?

1. Google or Bing

Google or Bing or other search engine will be helpful to find some ideas, answers and solutions.

2. Quora or technical forums

You could post non-confidential problems on Quora or some specific technical forum or platforms to find answers or helps.

3. Academic papers or patents

Reviewing some academic papers and related patents can bring deeper understanding of the specific problem.

4. Networking

Find someone who has more experience in the specific area from your network. Professionals can offer a quick answer without any hesitation.

5. Big brain

Bring all the information to your team and discuss. Big brain will bring different ideas and inspirations. Team work is important to solve problems.

6. Consulting firm

There are consulting firms such as Triple Solid which will help you find the best solutions for your company.

Triple Solid is providing engineering and supply chain/procurement consulting for startups and small businesses.

Please contact Triple Solid to learn more about our solutions:

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