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For startup companies or small businesses, it is pretty hard to find the right CTO/co-founder. Sometimes hiring the top engineers are too expensive. And everyone needs to wear different hats, it is not easy to find engineers who can handle multiple tasks.


Any Solutions?

1. You could go to events to find self-motivated engineers. Growth mindset is pretty important. If someone would like to join events to meet and learn from others, it may be good.


2. Recommendation works well for most of the time. If you have some friends who are engineers, they will know who is the best.


3. There are platforms like AngelList, The Pond, LinkedIn, Indeed, and so on. You could post there and see if you could find someone.


4. Collaboration with universities may work for specific technical areas. Some professors have teams for engineering projects and can help.


5. Outsourcing engineering teams can provide certain level development services. Some manufacturers who have engineering teams may be helpful.


6. There are consulting firms such as Triple Solid which will help you find the best solutions for your company.


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