For tech product/project, it requires not only technical experience but a little bit of everything. How could we move the project/product faster?


1. Get enough customer and marketing research.

It is better to build something that the market/customer needs. Marketing research and customer feedback can bring valuable insights for your project/product.


2. Break down the technical work efficiently

To understand each teammate’s work style and specialties, make sure that you discuss with them before you send out the tasks. Their ability and timeline are important as well.


3. Communication

Choose the right tool to communicate.

For scheduling meetings, Calendly, Zoom, and G Suite are widely used.

Slack, Skype and Google Hangouts are useful for instant communication.

There are different project management tools you could choose from like Monday, Asana, Trello, Jira and so on. It is better to choose the right tools that the team prefer to use.


4. Talk with investors

Sometimes you can get feedback from investors. Investors can provide valuable advice since they may do more marketing research before investment, talk with more competitors and potential clients.


5. Find the right engineer

Find the right engineer to do the right work. Figure out what technical skills you may need to get the project/product done. Self-motivated and growth mindset will be helpful.


6. Triple Solid

Triple Solid can help you with project/product management. We help you to write the job descriptions and find the right engineers, break down the technical tasks, manage the technical team, push the work done, and so on.



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