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It is even harder to raise money since Covid-19. While there are still some companies getting funds. How to raise money now?

There are several suggestions:


1. Business Plan/Pitch Deck

It may take some time and efforts to revise business plan/pitch deck. It is better to do enough marketing research and talk with more potential clients. Score may provide some helps as business mentors.


2. Contact Investors Directly

There are investors for different areas like hardware, health tech, fashion, fin-tech, and so on. Here is a list which may be helpful:


3. Agent

There are companies like Prepare4VC which helps building fundraising materials, developing strategy and investor relations.


4. Incubators/Accelerators

Some incubators and accelerators like HAX, YC, PNP and so on have access to different investment resources.


5. Local Fund

Some States have special funds for different areas. CalSEED is one of them. NSF has some funds for start-ups as well.


How would you raise money then?


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