Food is so important in our daily life. How would we plant and grow our food nowadays? What’s the way of smart farming?

For quality,

There are some organic fertilizers and formula which can be used to get organic or natural food.

I watched something called “The Biggest Little Farm” which is talking about how they balance the nature by nature itself. They are using different animals and plants to build a new ecosystem.

We are trying to have fresher and healthier food. You could have a small farming system at your balcony or yard.

For productivity,

The farm land can be tested and measured to help to decide what to plant or how to fertilize. Sensors and devices can be used to measure the soil. It will be more accurate to fertilize. There are a lot of different equipments for planting, watering, fertilizing, and harvesting. Drone is one of them now.

There are different technologies and knowledge for smart farming, like biology, physics, mechanical engineering, geography, electrical engineering, and so on.

Any ideas for sustainable farming?

Some pesticides and fertilizers may get into the water and cause pollutions. Animal husbandry causes harmful air pollution, releases almost one-fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and increases acid rain and so on[1].

What would you do to help?


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